PeaceLoveSwap: Be green, give back, and have fun!

Want to help save the earth, meet other ModernMoms, and go home with some new treasures? No, it’s not a trick question. It’s a peace love swap!

With Earth Day right around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to be more green and give back. A cool way for ModernMoms to do this is to take part in family friendly swap.

The mission

The goal is to keep gently used baby, kid and maternity items out of landfills and to donate leftovers to local charities.

Peace love swap has held over 50 maternity, baby and kid clothing and gear swaps since June of 2009. So far, they have 17 moms in 21 locations and are always expanding to help new moms put on their own clothing swaps.

What’s special about P.L.S.

The events are usually composed of 50+ families. They’re held at family friendly venues so while the parents swap, the kids play. It doesn’t get much better than that! The swaps are most often monthly or bi-monthly events. The best part about it? Not only are they totally easy and affordable, but it provides families with the opportunity to give back to their communities! All leftover items are donated to local charities. Also, since they are local, there aren’t any shipping costs. Talk about a bonus!

How it works

Families bring all of their clean, gently used items that they want to get rid of, whether it’s clothing, toys, strollers, etc. Then, families will take what they need as there is a wide selection with how many families are involved in these swaps. Families are asked to just take what they need and bring it back when they are done using it.

How to get involved

P.L.S. is always looking for moms that want to be a part of these swaps! For contact info or to find an event in your area, visit

Happy early earth day!



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