This Family’s Christmas Video Is Way Better Than The Holiday Cards I Forgot To Send


Every year, I swear that I’m going to send out beautiful holidays cards complete with personal notes to everyone in my address book.

That plan falls apart around Thanksgiving, and by mid-December, I’m lucky if I’ve managed to buy gifts for all immediate family members.
So obviously I’m crazy jealous of “the Holderness Family,” who took it to the next level and managed to put together an adorable and hilarious video recap of their year, complete with a rap about their matching Christmas jammies (hashtag #xmasjammies).

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To be fair, the video is partly promotional – halfway through, Papa Holderness announces he’s quitting his job to launch a (surprise!) marketing and media firm with his wife.

Well played, Holderni. Thanks for making a really effective advertisement for your new company that also puts my holiday correspondence efforts to shame. I guess you win this year.
Watch the video below



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