A Call to Mothers & Daughters: Love Your Body


Many of us struggle with loving our bodies. Our body is the precious vehicle of our soul. It holds our light. Do you want to change the negative cycle of self-hate towards your body? I will tell you how. Start by saying loving things to your body.

I love you legs, I appreciate you.

I love you heart, thank you for being open and beating for me.

I love you tummy, you are beautiful, thank you for keeping me nourished.

Say that you love all the parts of your body, especially the ones you are harshest too. Affirm that your body is good, that it is loved, and that you are thankful for having a body, and all that it does. Stop allowing yourself to say negative things to or about your body. Instead love and appreciate your body, one thought, and one word at a time. That is how to truly deep down love your body.

Your body feels the energy of your thoughts and words. It believes the negative things you say about it and acts accordingly. Stop telling your body that it is fat, or not pretty enough and everything you don’t want it to be, because your body believes you and will show you exactly what you are affirming. Speak lovingly to your body instead and it will respond much better :-)

It may sound simple, but it is a huge miraculous shift. A shift anyone of us can do, starting right now.

With love & gratitude,
Wendy Irene



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