A True Hero: She Sacrificed Her Own Life to Save 10 Year Old Student


The unimaginable happened in Ohio when a routine bus evacuation drill turned deadly.

As reported by The Associated Press, Laura Zborowski, a 51 year-old bus driver was leading 40 students in a practice bus evacuation drill when the unthinkable happened. The bus began to roll backwards while the last student, a 10 year-old girl was exiting the rear of the bus. Zborowski pushed the little girl out of harm’s way but was tragically killed.

Zborowski leaves behind her own 12 year old son. Her selflessness inspired a Charles Little, a man who never even met Zborowski, to set up aGive Forward page in her honor.

There are no words to really express the heroism and tragedy of this situation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Zborowski’s family and loved ones.



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