Personal Coaching Helps ADHD College Students


Wayne State University researchers found that college students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder benefit from a more inclusive, personal model of learning how to manage their time and organize their lives.

Their study indicated that these men and women got huge scholastic benefits from a "coaching" model designed by the Edge Foundation, an organization that helps young people with ADHD reach their potential in their academic and personal lives. The results were presented Friday at an international ADHD conference.

In the study, coaching targeted eight central areas of students' lives: scheduling, goal setting, confidence building, organizing, focusing, prioritizing, and persisting at tasks. This guidance made a significant difference in students' organization, time management skills, and their ability to assume control of things like studying, said one of the researchers Sharon Field. Students reported less stress and a greater sense of calm as a result of the coaching.

"Overwhelmingly we heard, from student after student, that coaching helps students to live what they considered more 'balanced' lives," Field commented.



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