A Love Song to the Dead



 A Love Song to the Dead

This song is dedicated to all the loved ones that have passed. 


I can always find you.
You wait in the silence.
Your presence felt in-between the beats of my heart.
Where you are the wind blows gently across your face,
Creating a blurry image, of love none-the-less.


You reside in my peaceful place within.
You have always been there waiting
Patiently, for me to recognize you.


I asked where you went?
You did not answer
Because you didn’t go anywhere.
You are where you have always been, inside.


So long I’ve wanted to reach out to you but was blind.
Not understanding I need not extend my arm towards infinity.
No, you just wanted me to be still.
To feel my way to you.


In the silence we are together.
In the silence we are love.
In the silence we are one.


When I think of you a purple light glows in the corner of my eye.
I feel your presence.
I know you are there.
There were you have always been,
Loving me from the inside.



Do you hear the music to these lyrics? Let me know.



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