Dare to Dream BIG


What do you dream of? Many of us may dream of being thinner, younger or sleeping with George Clooney (hey, we know a girl’s gotta dream), but these are not the dreams we are referring to. What about the other innocuous, non-eyebrow-raising dreams that may not be tabloid worthy yet make our heart sing, bring a smile to our face and a sparkle to our eyes?

We ask you again: what do you dream of? Is it more free time, fulfillment or balance? Is it more self-expression, creativity or fun? Or do you aspire to create something entirely new for yourself after years of putting things on hold? For many of us, we need to remember what our dreams were, recognize what they still are, explore the possibilities and discover what they might become.

How often do your dreams materialize? What do you do to forestall them from remaining a stray thought in your head? Fantasizing is healthy, ahem…but at some point it is important to take a respite from Xanadu and start taking action – less we want to be at the effect of our life rather than at the cause of our life. Excuses abound and become the norm. “I don’t have the time,” “I’m already overcommitted,” “I’m too old” or “I’ll wait until the kids are a little older.” What excuse has become your mantra?

We might wonder how; how can we possibly fit any more into our already jam-packed lives? How we can possibly find the time to follow our own dreams when we are already overcommitted? Life is busy, no doubt, but how can we not? Yes, we are mothers, but we are also women, partners, professionals, friends, creators, leaders and so much more. Our contributions reach far beyond our homes and our families, yet all too often we fail to recognize our own significance when it is not in relation to others, and neglect our dreams and lose sight of our aspirations.

What would it feel like to rediscover your passion and give yourself permission to pursue it? To catapult the “stuff that dreams are made of” into action? To pursue your goals and to be your most balanced, accomplished self? To become all that you aspire to be, to create the life of your dreams? Dare to dream, and dream big, because you alone decide how your tomorrows will unfold. So we ask you once again, what do you dream of?




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