I’ve never had an actress sit in my makeup chair and say "no thank you" when I tell her I’m going to give her a healthy, youthful, glowy look. Fresh-looking skin is something most women strive for, and many spend lots of money looking for the miracle mixture that’ll give them stunning results.

Want the glow for yourself? Here are my fool-proof steps to achieving flawless skin so beautiful you’ll resemble the queen of glow herself, J.Lo.

Always start off with a great skincare routine that is specific for your skin type. I recommend prepping your skin with Lisa Ashley’s Ultimate Moisturizer, a multi-functioning silicone-based moisture mist infused with essence of botanicals. This unique spray hydrates, moisturizes, and soften fine lines.

After you’ve given your skin a well-deserved drink, use your favorite foundation, then powder only the T-zone and chin leaving the cheeks unpowdered. I’m a freak about the cheek bones and I like to use cream blushes to highlight them. Giorgio Armanii Blending Blush Duo is a go-to for me. Apply it with your fingers, a synthetic brush, or a sponge. My advice if you’ve never used creme blush: contour cheeks and jawline with the darker color, then incorporate a pinky rose color by blending. Another favorite blush of mine is Gerlactik–it comes in rose, coral, and pink, and they’re all beautiful. After you’ve finished rouging, highlight the top of your cheekbones with an illuminating lighter blush like Revlon Age Defying Face Illuminator.

Finish off this look with a sheer, lightly frosted lip gloss. My favorite is Sassy Peach Star gloss by Gerlactik.

Now that you’ve followed these simple steps to unleash your outer (and inner!) glow, enjoy all the compliments you’ll soon be receiving!



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