Brooke Burke -20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I like to cry to sappy love songs.

My children’s names tell a story: Neriah Shae, Sierra Sky, Heaven Rain, Shaya Braven.

S’mores are my favorite dessert.

I have fought an 8 foot crocodile in Australia, swam with Sharks, jumped out of airplanes and flew in a rocket. I’m an adrenaline junkie!


Minty gum makes me gag!

I’m the Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile.

Ralph Macchio was my childhood crush.

I wrote romantic, juicy secret admirer letters to my teacher in 7th grade and snuck them into the homework basket.

I use to sneak out my window at night all the time in high school to party.

I am a great black jack player.

I love country music and was a crazy line dancer.

The book, “The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior” changed my life.

I’ve been engaged too many times to admit. I’m a sucker for romance.

The tattoo on my foot is a cover up of my ex husband’s name, Garth.

I have my 4 children’s names on my wrist.

Anejo Tequila on the rocks with oranges is my favorite drink.

I’m a terrible singer.

I’m addicted to shoes! I have 360 pairs & you’re lucky if you’re a size 7.5 ‘cuz I love to hand them down.

Once I dressed up as a sesame seed bun for a commercial.

I played football in school and was the only girl on the team! Thankfully, I was fast!



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