Toddler Sleep Remedies


While some toddlers delight their parents by sleeping with ease, others struggle to slumber as soundly as their moms and dads may like. There are some things that you can do to transform your troublesome sleeper into a more sound slumberer. If your toddler is still causing you to miss out on some much needed Zzzs, try some simple sleep remedies.

How Much is Enough?

Because no two toddlers are exactly alike, they will each require slightly different amounts of sleep. On average, a toddler between the ages of one and two will need between 10 and 13 hours of sleep a day to function at their best, reports KidsHealth. Your toddler can obtain this sleep in one large chunk or in smaller segments throughout the day.

Dangers of Over-Napping

While your toddler taking a nice long nap or two during the day may make your life easier, it may also leave your toddler less apt to sleep well at night. Many toddlers do require a daytime nap, but if yours appears to struggle when it comes time to sleep at night, consider reducing the length of this nap or cutting one out entirely, if he takes two naps.

Nighttime Routine

Having a nighttime routine gives your child the opportunity to get used to the idea that he’s going to go to sleep — before he is exiled to his bed. Help your toddler sleep more soundly by developing and consistently following a nighttime routine, such as giving him a bath, offering him a glass of warm milk and reading him a story before he heads off to bed each night.

Uncluttered Setting

If your child’s room is full of toys and attention-getting amusements, these attractive additions could be preventing him from being lulled off to sleep. To ensure that your toddler doesn’t fight sleep — because he would like to instead play with his toys — keep his favorite playthings tucked away when bedtime arrives.

White Noise Additions

Adding some “white noise” to your child’s sleep space could make it easier for him to get the rest he requires. Add some white noise by turning on a fan or playing a CD of nature sounds. This noise addition makes your child’s room even more sleep-friendly. In the absence of white noise, the sounds of movement and noise pollution from the outside or rest of the house could cause your child to rouse and make it harder for him to fall into a deep sleep.



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