Mark Your Calendars for the Royal Wedding!

Just a few weeks after becoming engaged, Prince William and fiance Kate Middleton have announced their wedding date!

Get out your planners…the royal couple will be wed April 29, 2011, according to the British Monarchy Twitter (yes, they have a Twitter!). The nuptials will take place at Westminter Abbey, where the Queen herself got married in 1947.

Both William and Kate got their wish to have an early wedding. The Prince was known to have wanted as short an engagement as possible, and the couple both wanted a spring wedding.

Palace officials have also announced that the Royal Family and will pay for the church service, the music and parties. The cost of security – likely to run into millions – will be met by the British taxpayers.

Sure it'll be a big day for Will and Kate, but the entire country gets to join in on the festivities by taking an official public holiday as well! Prime Minister David Cameron announced this exciting news for Britons, and noted that there is already the May Day holiday on the following Monday, which will make for a festive four-day weekend for the country.



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