A Behind the Scenes Look Into My World: Dancing with the Stars Season 12!


WHEW! Season 12 flew by. I can’t believe it’s ending. It’s truly bittersweet. Here’s a look at some of my memorable moments.

What you didn’t see, what I’ll miss, and what I’ll never forget! 

The REAL champions of season 12. Even if we have to steal the Mirror Ball Trophy!

My kids walking me to stage. Those were my favorite days. 

Two minutes before the live show, my strap starting ripping… Oops! Almost a serious wardrobe malfunction. 

Our cast was being widdled down. Hanging in the red room.

Sometimes I wear my mic pack on my leg. Oye, I have no privacy, LOL!

Rain always thinks my glam squad is there for HER!!!! She’s such a diva!

I’ll miss the crazy hairdos that Steven Lake gives me every show!

Thankfully this hair never made the cut!

On Wednesday, I’ll trade in my gowns for sweats and go back to no makeup and a pony tail :(

Bye-bye borrowed diamonds!

Dressing room chaos! That’s what we call multi-tasking!

Creating an inspiration wall in my dressing room for my glam squad.

My most talked about piece of jewelry all season. Only on DWTS can I pull off a giant ruby butterfly!

My second family, the best glam squad in the world! I’ll miss the smoke & mirrors. Cuz of them, no one knows how many hours I did NOT sleep!



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