Michael Bublé Talks Weddings and Kids


Michael Bublé and his Argentine actress fiancée are making some BIG plans for their future lives together.

First, Bublé and Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre will wed on April 6, 2011. The singer jokingly commented that they would've done it on April 29th, but he knew they woudln't get any press as that's the same day Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to be married.

Bublé also confirmed that there will be two ceremonies–one in Argentina and the next one in Vancouver, where he's from.

The honeymoon will take place in Africa. While experiencing some African adventures, they also plan on squeezing in some charity work to benefit children's causes while they're there.

As for post-honeymoon plans…"I want to have four or five," Lopilato, 23, tells Entertainment Tonight Canada of her ideal number of children. Although Bublé didn't seem to fret at the thought of that many kids, he did mention he might need some practice.

"I would like to start off with sea monkeys first and see if I can keep those alive," he jokes.



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