Interesting Results in 2010 Dating Survey Compared to 2009


When the online dating service Zoosk surveyed its customers to discover whether the economy has affected their dating lives, they found some interesting results!

Compared to a May 2009 survey, there was a change of heart among women in just a year.

60% of women said they'd date an unemployed man in 2010, up from 52% last year, while 90% of men said they'd date an unemployed woman, down from 92% in 2009.

90% of men say they typically pay on a date, and 52% of them spend more money on an average date than they did in 2009. Contrastingly, 57% of women spend less on dates this year than they did last year.

92% of single people are totally open to dates that include a free activity, compared to 85% in 2009.

83% of men and 93% of women agree that if someone is unemployed, he or she should reveal it up front.



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