Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair


If your locks aren’t naturally sleek and smooth, but tend to be a bit on the frizzy side, it is vital to select a hairdo that is suited to your frizz. Having a style that fits with your hair’s texture ensures that you aren’t constantly fighting with your locks, but effortlessly styling them into a look that’s perfect for you.

Messy Bun

Messy buns are all the rage, and are perfect for less-than-smooth hair textures. Instead of trying in vain to tame your tresses into a sleek bun look, gather them atop your head in a messy, volume-rich bun, and secure your gathered tresses with bobby pins. To give the bun a more polished look, place a headband or two across the top to strategically press down some of the volume.

Curly Locks

Many women with pin-straight hair would kill for some curl. Give your frizzy locks a refined look by sculpting them into voluminous curls. Either section your locks and wrap them around a curling iron to create your bouncy curls, or use hot rollers to curl your hair. Finish your look with some hairspray to give it all-day staying power — you’ll be the envy of every woman that has longed for a head of curls.

Blunt Bob

If you are dedicated to making your frizzy hair smooth, you may find that you can be more successful if you select a short style. While naturally removing the frizz from long, flowing locks can be next to impossible, smoothing out a short bob is often a manageable task. Have your hair cut into a bob shape, then learn to style this new look effectively. To increase the likelihood that your bob stays frizz-free all day, treat your hair with mousse after washing, then style it with a straight iron in the morning.

Layered Look

Women with frizzy hair often have more volume than they know what to do with. If your frizzies leave your hair fuller than you can manage, have some of the volume trimmed away by selecting a layered look. Having your hair trimmed into layers ensures that your frizz won’t leave you with a head that looks triangular. Instead, you’ll have a neater, more manageable hairdo.

Bold Braid

Much to the chagrin of many women who struggle with frizzy hair, physical activity and perspiration can turn your temporarily smooth hair frizzy in a hurry. If you’re looking for a sporty do that will allow you to work out without leaving your hair a pile of frizz, consider a braid. Instead of just pulling your locks into a ponytail, braid them tightly before working out. This tight braid will make it next to impossible for your hair to frizz out, and you’ll look just as great post-work out as you did before.



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