Alleged Marinette High School Gunman Dies


The high school student who allegedly held a classroom of students and teacher hostage has passed away. Samuel Hengel, the 15-year-old student, died at approximately 10:45 am Tuesday. Hengel held 23 students and one teacher hostage for five hours Monday. He shot himself when police busted down the door. 

Marinette Police Chief Jeff Skorik said Tuesday, "As far as what caused this, it seems to be a mystery. We have not been able to identify anything that precipitated this incident." Hengel did not make any demands during the standoff. 

"The teacher was nothing short of heroic. I think she kept a very cool head," Skorik said. "She was able to keep the suspect as calm as possible. I heard that she took the responsibility of trying to assure the other students they were going to be OK. We really give that teacher a lot of credit for being able to keep a cool head under a stressful situation."

We're glad to report all the hostages and teacher are safe. 



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