Irvin Kershner, Director of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Dies


Filmaker Irvin Kershner, who directed the 1980 blockbuster, "The Empire Strikes Back," died at his home in Los Angeles. The director was 87-years-old. He had been battling lung cancer for over three years.

Kershner directed such stars as Sean Connery as James Bond in "Never Say Never Again," Barbara Streisand in "Up the Sandbox," Richard Harris in "Return of a Man Called Horse," Faye Dunaway in "Eyes of Laura Mars" and many more.

Novelist John Irving said Kershner "was a wild man with a non-stop imagination and boundless energy. I just tried to keep up with him, which wasn't easy."

Irvin will be missed. He was a film legend. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.  



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