Nicole Richie Seeks Permanent Restraining Order Against Paparazzi


Nicole Richie's big court day has been delayed! The hearing in which she's seeking a permanent restraining order against a paparazzi has been postponed to December 21.

Fabricio Luis Mariotto, the photographer against who Richie is seeking the restraint, claimed that as soon as he realized he was at Richie's daughter's school, he left. "The building doesn’t look like a school from the outside," he explained to Access Hollywood. Apparently he was so focused on taking a clear photo that he hadn’t looked around.

Mariotto, 32, said he agrees that photographers should not be at schools, and that when he accidentally found himself at Harlow's (Nicole's daughter), he was neither on private property, nor being disrespectful. Further, he claimed he hadn't taken a picture of Richie in eight months.

Richie was granted a temporary restraining order against Mariotto on November 11.



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