Cartoon Characters Invading Facebook for a Cause


The latest fad to go viral on Facebook is replacing your profile pic with a cartoon character.

This fad is reminding users about classic cartoons — The Smurfs, Rugrats, Muppets, etc.

But, it's not all fun and games. It's a part of the campaign to stop violence against children. One message posted on the social networking site today read: "Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday, Dec 6th of 2010, there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories! This is for a campaign against violence on children."

A Facebook group page called "Change your profile picture to a cartoon character campaign" has been "liked" by more than 10,000 people.

This is just one of several viral campaigns popping up on Facebook in recent months. A previous Facebook viral campaign to promote breast cancer awareness asked users to update their statuses with "I like it on…" messages.

Do you follow these Facebook trends — If so, which cartoon character will you revive on your profile?



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