Warren Buffett Gives $50M to Stop Nuclear Weapons Spread


Billionaire Warren Buffett announced Friday that he is giving $50 million for a new initiative aimed at preventing the spread of atomic bombs.

Buffett says that weapons of mass destruction are the biggest problem facing mankind.

His donation was matched by the U.S. and other governments, totalling $150 million for the plan, which was approved by the U.N. nuclear agency in Vienna on Friday.

"Throughout my lifetime I will be interested in this subject and I will back that interest up with money," Buffett told Reuters. "If the project sounds like a good one and has any real chance of reducing the probabilities of the terrible use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, I'm prepared to put up significant money."

The Obama administration was happy to approve the plan, since one of its rather ambitious goals is nuclear disarmament and ridding the world of atomic weaponry.

"We really have to prevent weapons of tremendous potential harm being used by these people who have evil intentions," Buffett said. "This is not a problem that we can wish away."



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