Mexico in Malibu


Since Dancing with the Stars wrapped, I totally checked out of my chaotic work world and checked back in to my chaotic Family Ville. The past month totally wiped me out! Too much work and traveling, not enough sleep and too much time away from my kids is never a good thing for any of us. It was a challenging month to say the least, and I am so happy that it’s over. I spent my holiday hanging with the family at home, cooking, swimming, and visiting with a few friends. It was a great weekend and the perfect teaser for summer.

David made me a romantic lunch in our garden on Saturday, and it was the first meal in a while that I haven’t crammed down during hair and make-up or eaten in the car. Rain joined us, toasted our wine glasses with her pink sippy cup and devoured every bite of the gorgeous Branzino fish that David prepared. It truly was the best table at the best restaurant in the world, prepared and enjoyed with love. I feel very blessed to know that destination is home. 

I love to spend time in my rose garden with the kids. They are learning how to cut and groom the flowers. Shaya’s 1st request was: ”Tomorrow, can we cut our flowers together?” I love those moments we spend together, and how all of my kids can appreciate nature. Look at my first pic this season.


My favorite times are those spent at home. I am so exhausted that I’m considering stay-cations this summer and maybe even an at-home adventure. We discussed inviting another family with kids, picking a theme, and pretending that we are in another country. So fun! Imagine Mexico…. Latin music playing throughout the house, cooking only Mexican food, blending margaritas, eating chips ‘n salsa and guacamole by the pool. No time wasted on traveling, saving the airfare and spending it on a chef or even a masseuse instead. A little imagination goes a long way. These days, I cannot imagine getting on another plane. I think it would be so fun to do a nature weekend and campout in our back yard. Walk everywhere for one weekend, to the beach, to the park, no cars, no phones. I love to cook together with my family, eat outside, have dance parties under the stars, go night swimming, ride bikes, etc. 


The kids are super excited about doing something different. I love the idea of not having to travel, and how great would it be to create the best vacation ever in the privacy of your own home? If you’re thinking ‘yeah right,’ where will I put all these people? Trust me, I do not have extra room either, but on most nights all my kids end up in one room anyway, and they love that. I know I’m totally starving for some downtime at home, but I’m all about trying new things with my family. I want easy this month, and I’ll take creative chaos over packing another suitcase for awhile. Of course next month may be a different tune, but for now it’s all about Mexico in Malibu.



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