Columbia Students Busted for Selling Drugs


Five Columbia University students were arrested Tuesday morning for selling drugs on campus.

Chris Coles, Harrison David, Adam Klein, Joseph Stephen Perez, and Michael Wymbs, all undergraduates and under the age of 22, were caught selling marijuana, LSD, cocaine, Adderall and ecstasy in a sting operation called "Operation Ivy League."

Since July, undercover cops bought more than $11,000 worth of drugs from the five students. The drug deals allegedly took place at Alpha Epsilon Pi, Psi Upsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha's fraternity houses, and some occurred at the students' dorms.

During searches of the suspects' homes following their arrests, authorities say they found a stockpile of drugs, including a bottle of LSD, 50 ectasy capsules, 15 Adderall pills, more than a half-pound of marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash.

Columbia University released a statement acknowledging the arrests and urging students to seek help if they are battling drug or alcohol problems.

Selling drugs on campus…aren't Columbia students supposed to be smart?



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