Operation Payback: Wikileaks Cyberattacks Visa, Mastercard


An online group that calls itself Anonymous is attacking several sites around the web. The group is thought to be in support of WikiLeaks and its jailed founder, Julian Assange.

The group is attacking the websites of banks who have withdrawn banking facilities from WikiLeaks as directed by the government. Both MasterCard and Visa had been targeted for freezing the account of the whistleblowing site.

Hackers also targeted online payment system PayPal, Amazon and a Swiss bank over the WikiLeaks row.

It is believed that up to 500 hackers have joined together to target these companies.

It’s also believed that the hackers have targeted Sarah Palin’s personal credit card information as well as her website because she has openly acted out against the site and its founder.

The group posted a statement saying, "We will fire at anything or anyone that tries to censor WikiLeaks, including multibillion-dollar companies such as PayPal. Twitter, you’re next for censoring #WikiLeaks discussion. The major s***storm has begun."

Watch out, Twitter!



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