I Need a French Maid Outfit!


I’m in my office. It’s so nice to have some time to get organized, work on things that inspire me and write again. I have been spending some time in the ModernMom community, and I am truly enjoying hearing from many of you, reading your comments, and losing myself in your real life struggles. Thank you for sharing.

Little Rain is with me pretending to be my assistant. I brought my son in the office with me the other day, of course he was not as good as Rain!

I have been in a total cleaning frenzy lately. You should enter to win a free year of cleaning!
I sure could have used some help! I have been going through my house, room by room, organizing toys, throwing away broken stuff and junk and putting together different bags to gift to friends and family. Someone’s junk is usually someone else’s treasure! My kids are used to my demands to give away what they can to others that need them more. Trust me it’s a great manipulative move to clear out the clutter.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I am doing the closets, the pantry, even the garage. For my pickiest daughter I have removed every item of clothing from her closet that she does not wear, passing much of it down to Rain, and I’ve hung outfits up so she can easily grab them. The rest of the school year is “free dress” so this is a big time-saver!

Even my doggie area is getting a once over. I never even did this pregnant! I guess I just have the summer bug and need a fresh clean change. My children accumulate so much junk, that I have to stay on top of it! My girlfriend/wannabee shrink says that cleaning is my attempt to get control of my chaotic insane life. Really?!? I’m just trying to eliminate the clutter, in more ways than one!

Yesterday, I spent four hours organizing my four children’s summer schedules. Camp, sports, summer school, beach days, music lessons, etc. I also scheduled time for free days to sleep in, be lazy, and chill. Those are my favorite days! I made downloaded printable calendars for all the kids to refer too. I color coded them for my older kids’ Dad’s house too.

MommyTracked also has a bunch of great printables to help make life easier, and they’re FREE!!! I feel such a sense of relief now that everything is booked, organized, and written down. It’s funny how I can feel out of control until I actually get it out on paper. I have too many little ones to schedule to keep it all online.

So that’s my lovely week, and I actually need to get back to it right now. I’m hanging pictures in my office.

My kids’ abstract artwork in my office!



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