Jury Reaches Verdict in Elizabeth Smart Case


A federal jury in Utah has reached a verdict in the kidnapping trial of Elizabeth Smart. They deliberated for five hours before announcing their verdict.

Brian David Mitchell, 57, a homeless street preacher, was found GUILTY for the kidnapping of then-14-year-old Smart.

"I felt that because of what he had done to me, I was marked," Smart testified. "I wasn’t the same. My personal value had dropped. I was nothing. Another person could never love me," she added. "I felt like I had a burden the size of a mountain to carry around with me the rest of my life."

Mitchell told her their marriage was preordained and that she would be by his side as he took seven times seven wives and successfully battled the Antichrist. Defense attorneys argued that Mitchell was mentally ill and that he did not realize what he was doing was wrong.

"He was crude, vulgar, self-serving. He was his number one priority, followed by sex, drugs and alcohol, but he used religion in all of those aspects to justify everything," Smart testified.

The defense ended its case with a psychologist who had diagnosed Mitchell as a paranoid schizophrenic, saying he suffers from "bizarre delusions."

Wanda Barzee, 64, struck a deal with state and federal prosecutors and was sentenced to 15 years in prison in exchange for testimony against her legal husband.

"We were given the commandment to take young girls, between the ages of 10 to 14 years old. We were to snatch them out of the world and train them in the ministries of God," Barzee testified. She is being treated for mental illness while serving her sentence in federal prison.

"He’s a great manipulator," she added.



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