Get What You Want! How to Get Over The Wall


What keeps you going when you’re feeling burned out? You believe in the path you’re on but you’re knocking up against a wall. On the tough days a large part of you just wants to stop and not bother exerting the huge amount of energy it takes to break down the barrier staring you down. Despite the barrier there is this little teeny tiny light inside of you still burning, however small the flame may feel, and you wonder if you give up, can you live with yourself?

I think we all know what it feels like to hit a wall. Not good! We have days that just seem like… Ahhhhhh!  And the world’s longest nap is the only thing that sounds good. We forget that just on the other side of the wall is the path to our hopes and dreams. We CAN make it through. We must keep going!

Getting over the wall can be as simple as starting a brand new day. Often the morning brings renewed energy and spirit. The new day is the light we so desperately need. The next time you feel completely drained, exhausted, so darn tired out, commit to yourself to make it through the day and wait to see things in a new light before you give up.

In my own life I’ve faced walls, well many more times than I can possibly count. I faced a wall around day 7 of eating a Vegan diet, I just didn’t feel like putting the effort into change any longer, but somehow running on fumes I made it through the day. Right now doing the Gunnar Challenge I feel tired out. Planning out and prepping all my food, keeping track, and sticking with the exercise takes a lot of dang effort! But you know what my past experience has taught me? That wall is a sign. Just on the other side is often a major Halleluiah life-changing breakthrough.  If you keep going with the last tiniest bit of strength you didn’t even know you had and hold out, you are on the verge of the skies opening up and your hopes and dreams beaming in with a renewed strength.

The wall is a sign of a life-changing moment. The best, most worthwhile, most rewarding changes in your life always feel so freaking uncomfortable you think you’re going to break. That is how you know you are on the edge of something truly great!

When you see the wall, focus on making it through the day. Hang on, and never, ever give up! That’s how you get what you want out of life.

With love & gratitude,
Wendy Irene



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