Why Letting Go Is Love: The Positive Impact of Letting Go


Is there something in life that you are holding onto strongly, whether it is a person, an idea or something you really want to occur? Does it cause you stress or anxiety? Do you picture the perfect outcome in your head and want desperately for it to happen?

I completely understand. You’ve worked hard at something and you want results! There is one important factor in living a life of wellness that you may have overlooked. In today’s video I talk about the act of letting go, its positive impact on my life, and why I think it can help you too!



Thank you for watching, friends! Your support is felt and really appreciated :)

Share your thoughts with us – was there a time in your life when you knew it was time to let go? When you were able to let go did it have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing? Is there something that you are struggling to let go of now? Your story helps others!


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