How to Thrive in Business & Life: Overcoming Our Most Common Fear


I’m not good enough.

4 little words. 4 narsty little words. Sound familiar? How many times have you heard those words in your internal dialog? Too many to count?

You’re not alone! We all have this fear.

Unfortunately it likes to sneak up on us in the most inopportune times, when we are thinking of expanding ourselves or our horizons. What starts as a burst of excitement can quickly turn into deep seeded fear. Can I really do that? I don’t think I’m good enough. What if other people figure out that I’m not really worthy?

These negative mental messages happen to all of us. It is completely normal, but more importantly it is completely FALSE!

Let me say that again FALSE, FALSE, FALSE! Tremendously false.

I know you are worthy, but what really matters is that YOU know you are worthy! The sky is the limit. You have infinite potential in you waiting to be released. We all do.


2 Roads You Can Take When Fear Overcomes You

When all those fears arise in the form of loads of garble and crap that basically all boil down to I’m not good enough there are 2 choices.

1. Let those fears keep you from trying that new thing. Believe the garbage you’re saying to yourself and forget about taking any risks that might lead you to your dreams. Let the fears keep you from expanding into your full potential.

2. Hear the fear. Observe the negative thoughts. Feel it in your body, then call bullcrap and take the leap of faith, follow your heart and dreams. Open yourself up to the unlimited creativity that is within you. By following your creative soul you in turn make a difference in the world. That spark within you is there because YOU CAN achieve it, or it wouldn’t be there!

When I first started blogging I was full of fear. What would other people think? Who really cares what I have to say? In fact, this fear has never completely gone away. When I am going to try something new, or work with someone I’ve never met before, those fears seem to sneak back in. The biggest gift of love I’ve given to myself has been feeling this fear, and then recognizing it as total and complete nonsense. Everyone has to start somewhere. Challenge yourself to start now!

Being aware of the ‘I am not good enough fear’ that we all carry is the first step in distinguishing its power. When you feel it, recognize its presence, and release the negativity by making a conscious choice to do so, you are free to move forward. You are free to create and do anything. You are free to be who you really are, who you were meant to be.

Declare TODAY you will start stomping out your fear. Be the Superstar I know you are! Put your courageous self out there and start getting the results you want!



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