Twin Pregnancy Diet


Eating for two can be difficult. Eating for three can seem almost impossible if you don’t know how to do it effectively. Expecting twins puts an additional strain on your body and requires not only an increased calorie intake but also an increase in specific nutrients and vitamins. Knowing some of the tricks to adding healthy calories to your pregnancy diet will help you keep those babies growing according to schedule.


You need to gain additional weight while expecting twins. In most cases, a weight gain of 35 to 45 pounds is recommended. If you are under- or overweight at the start of the pregnancy, this amount will be adjusted accordingly by your doctor.

Proper weight gain is essential to the growth and development of your fetuses. In addition to the weight gain, the added calories should not be “empty” ones, but must be accompanied by the essential vitamins and nutrients the babies need to develop properly. During the second and third trimester, you should gain approximately 1-1/2 pounds per week.


While weight gain is essential during your pregnancy, you shouldn’t eat “empty” calories. They will pack on the pounds without providing necessary nutrients. Instead, you should choose nutritious, healthy foods such as lean meats, nuts and nut butters, legumes, whole grains, fresh veggies and fruits to incorporate into your daily diet.


Start eating more often. Two growing babies will take up more room than one, leaving less space in your stomach for food. Eating smaller portions more frequently during the day will help you get the calories you need without overloading your stomach. Choose foods that are loaded with calories and nutritional value. High-calorie shakes or smoothies offer vitamins and minerals while providing enough calories to your growing babies. Snacking on peanut butter, cheeses and dried fruit are nutritious and laden with calories. A handful of granola sprinkled into a cup of yogurt gives your body fiber, calcium and other nutrients and doesn’t take long to eat.


Stay hydrated throughout pregnancy. Eight to 10 glasses of water daily is recommended. To add calories and vitamin C to your daily intake with a refreshing beverage, fill your drinking glass with half sparkling water and half no-sugar-added fruit juice.


Eating for three can be challenging, but weight gain is just a general goal. The foods you choose to eat provide the nutrients and vitamins your babies need to develop physically and mentally. Carefully selected, high-nutrient foods in high-calorie amounts ensure that each baby develops normally.



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