Summer Hair Detox


Part III of a III part series on Scalp and Hair Treatments

Perfect hair Duo, PhD recommends:

III. Deep Cleansing Treatments:

Malibu 2000 Crystal Gel-In Salon

– Preps hair for all chemical services

– Removes buildup 

– Removes discoloration including chlorine “green”

– After shampooing, the treatment is applied from roots to ends, combed thoroughly and placed under dryer. Cool and rinse.




Anasazi Mineral Mask-At home

- Purifies hair and scalp

– Removes buildup, adding body and shine

– Removes chlorine and salt

– After shampooing, apply to towel dried hair. Gently massage through hair and scalp. Allow to remain on the hair for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.



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