Help! I Lost My Motivation


Today I am having one of those days where I completely lack motivation. Do you know the type of day I am talking about? My brain doesn’t seem to be functioning normally, and I have been daydreaming of taking my responsibilities and throwing them out the window. Instead of judging those days as bad, I try my best to embrace them.

Life is all about cycles and energy flow. It relates to almost everything you can think of. The more we try to resist, the worse off we are. From my own experience I know if I try to resist a period of low energy flow and push myself too hard, I find I am more susceptible to getting sick. Who wants that?

The dilemma is- what to do about the responsibilities we cannot avoid? The responsibilities that if put off cause more trouble. For example, feeding my children. They get super cranky when that doesn’t happen in a timely manner! Also, the finances- getting lazy about that means getting myself into trouble!

The first step to dealing with a period of low energy is to significantly cut back on your responsibilities, with the realization and intention that when your energy cycles back higher again you may have to pick up some of the slack. I ask myself what do I really need to get done, and what can wait? If you are like me you might have to go over your mental list a couple of times before you can whittle it down. Stay open and acknowledge that the world will in fact carry on if you don’t get everything done today. This is a hard concept for me sometimes…

The next step is to play games with yourself to get yourself to do what cannot wait. For example, when I have to do the finances I try to make the best of it. I wait until I have help with the kids, which for me is on the weekend when my Hubby is home and can care for the little ones. I shut myself in a room with music I like, or a TV show I have wanted to watch on in the background. Since it is the weekend a glass of wine may make an appearance ;-). By itself doing the finances is not all that much fun, but having some alone time is nice!

When in doubt go with the flow. We can waste a lot of energy trying to resist life, and where does it get us? Acknowledge the cycles and embrace them. It is one of the best ways to give yourself some much needed TLC ?

What helps you get through when you lack motivation?



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