Maternity Advice


Learn how to take care of your changing skin during pregnancy and after giving birth

Stretch Marks
Practical advice to help prevent and minimize stretch marks during pregnancy.

* The earlier you start preventive measures, the more effective they will be. They should be initiated from the first trimester of pregnancy.
* The more regularly you use stretch mark products, the more effective they will be.
* Cream to prevent stretch marks should be applied in a circular massage movement, twice a day. The massage itself is beneficial, as it promotes good circulation and relaxation.
* Like any scar, stretch marks should not be exposed to the sun without appropriate protection.
* Continue to use stretch mark products one month after birth.

Breast Care
Practical advice to help prevent loss of skin firmness and to soothe breast tenderness during pregnancy.

* After birth, a drop in hormone levels will cause a reduction in breast volume. These changes, may lead to skin fragility and the loss of elasticity and firmness. You must therefore take care of your skin from the beginning of pregnancy, to make sure it remains firm.
* Prevention must be initiated from the first trimester of pregnancy, by the application of specific care products for breasts.
* Massage your breasts every day to preserve tissue elasticity. These massages should be made in a circular movement towards the middle of the breast, avoiding the nipple.
* Maintain breast firmness with simple exercises that develop the pectoral muscles which support the breasts:
The Nutcracker: palm to palm, with elbows at shoulder height, squeeze while breathing in, hold for three seconds and then breathe out: repeat 20 times.

Leg Care
Practical advice to prevent and relieve sensations of tired heavy legs during pregnancy.

* During the first three months of pregnancy, hormones reduce the firmness of veins and effect blood circulation. As soon as you start experiencing discomfort, it is important to initiate special care for your legs.
* Apply the gel to relieve tired legs twice a day, massaging gently from ankle to knee.
* Sleep with elevated legs (10 to 15 cm higher than your head), preferably lying on your left-hand side to favor the venous return of blood to the heart, with a cushion between your knees.
* Finish your shower with cooler water on your legs, starting with ankles moving upwards.
* Avoid crossing your legs when seated, and avoid sources of direct heat.
* Walk every day, wearing suitable shoes, but avoid standing for a long length of time!
* Avoid anything too tight which may prevent good circulation: socks, tights or pants.
* After your baby’s birth, activate blood circulation by circling and flexing your ankles. Point your toes. Stimulate the foot arch by rubbing it.

Ultimate Hydration
Practical advice to prevent skin dryness to sooth irritation during pregnancy.

* From the first trimester of pregnancy, use specific moisturizing care products for mothers-to-be.
* For your bath or shower, prefer a super-fatted soap or a soap-free cleanser to prevent skin dryness.
* Apply your moisturizing lotion to the entire body after your bath or shower.
* Avoid cosmetic or physical scrubbing which may pigment the skin, particularly if you have a dark complexion; they may also dry the skin by removing its hydrolipidic film.
* To prevent skin dehydration throughout pregnancy and while breast-feeding, remember to drink plenty of fluids frequently and hydrate yourself regularly.

For more information we recommend that you ask your healthcare professional for advice. He or she will be able to recommend the most appropriate product for your needs.



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