Plan Ahead for the Best Valentine’s Day Yet!


Whether you’re married, dating, or whatever, finding something to do with that special someone (besides the obvious, *wink wink*) on Valentine’s Day can be difficult.

Maybe you’ve done every romantic activity in the book, or perhaps this is your first February 14th together and you want to make it really special. No matter what stage your relationship is in, these suggestions are sure to satisfy any couple looking to celebrate the love in their lives!

Start your day early

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend told me he’d never gotten breakfast in bed before. “What?!” I exclaimed, “That is so sad!” So can you guess how we’ll be kicking off this Valentine’s Day? I’ll be whipping up a batch of pancakes (heart-shaped…because I’m not above being a little cheesy!) and, of course, a LOT of bacon.

Embrace your inner artist

Who cares if you could never color in the lines and he majored in statistics–everyone has an artsy side! Even if you’re convinced you don’t, this fun activity is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Buy a couple canvases and set them up facing away from each other. Use paint (or whatever crafty materials you want…chocolate could be fun to experiment with!) to create a heartfelt masterpiece for each other. You might be surprised at how good you are!

Roses are red, violets are blue

Get your man some flowers! True, flowers are usually given to women by men, but roses put everyone in a romantic mood on this special day of the year. To take it a step further, attach a loving/silly/witty note to each stem mentioning reasons you love him or reminding him of fun memories you’ve shared together.

Road trip with a mixed tape

Burn a CD of all of “your” songs as a couple. Then take a road trip down memory lane by going to the first places you met, went on a date, kissed, or any other location with significance. Bring a blanket and a bottle of champagne and reminisce on all the great times you’ve had since being at that place.

Homemade drive-in movie

Drive-in theaters are quickly disappearing, but you can make one at your own home! This might take creativity and/or asking to borrow some equipment, but it’ll be worth it. Set up a projector in your driveway (or anywhere…even an open field works great) and pull your car up. Bring blankets, popcorn, and hot cocoa in the car with you, and don’t forget to roll the windows down!

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Include the little ones

When I was young, my parents were sweet and selfless enough to include me and my sister in Valentine’s Day festivities every year. We’d all go out to dinner or have a fun night at home watching movies and playing board games. You could even have a father-daughter or mother-son date (or a whole family date!), which would make for an evening your child will never forget.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is about love, no matter who you’re with!




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