Latvian Women ‘Dealing with Capitalism’ Better than Men; Creates Competition for Mates


Latvian women are dealing with the highs and lows of capitalism better than their country’s men, according to an interesting report by BBC News.

Women in the region are better educated and have lower rates of suicide, depression and alcoholism than the men.

But, with all this success comes a downside. There are fewer suitable mates for women to choose from. High death rates among young men means that there are 8% more women in the region.

The dating pool is even more reduced because of the high levels of alcoholism and depression among Latvian males, due to the pressures to succeed financially.

And, to pour some more salt on that wound, Latvian women live an average of 11 years longer than the men, the highest disparity in the EU.

Guess we know where American men will be travelling to when they can’t find a local wife…



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