Marilu Henner Shows Off Superior Autobiographical Memory


Marilu Henner, the former star of the 1970s sitcom ‘Taxi’, wowed America Sunday when she demonstrated her "superior autobiographical memory" on CBS’ ’60 Minutes.’

Marilu is one of six known people on the planet who can recall every single day  of their lives, like it was yesterday.

"It’s like putting in a DVD and it queues up to a certain place," Marilu says during her interview. "I’m there again, so I’m looking out from my eyes and seeing things visually as I would have that day."

She can recall everything from each day of her 58 years of living, from what heels she wore to what she ate for dinner.

While there are things some of us just want to forget, Marilu says she loves having this "gift."

“I’ve always loved having this memory. I feel as an actress and writer it has been indispensable and as a mother and as a wife certainly.”

Marilu is set to release a book next Spring which documents her rare talent.

Would you want this ability?



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