15 Most Common Gawker Passwords


Recently, hackers exposed the usernames and passwords of the Gawker Media user database. Gawker Media has been urging subscribers to changed their passwords.  Gawker posted on their site, "We’re deeply embarrassed by this breach. We should not be in the position of relying on the goodwill of the hackers who identified the weakness in our systems."

Well, it isn’t the only the breach itself that is embarrassing, but what the breach uncovered…

The Wall Street Journal analyzed the 188,279 leaked passwords and found the top 50 most commonly used passwords. While Gawker might pride itself on having media-savvy users, this data begs-to-differ. 

Here are the top fifteen most commonly used passwords:

1. 123456 (Over 3,000 users had this password)

2. password

3. 12345678

4. lifehack

5. qwerty

6. abc123

7. 111111

8. monkey

9. consumer

10. 12345

11. 0

12. letmein

13. trustno1

14. dragon

15. 1234567

Really? Just for the record, "Password" is NOT a good password. Neither is "0," in case you were wondering. 



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