Hot 97 Fires DJ Cipha Sounds for Controversial Haitian Women Comment


On-air personality DJ Cipha Sounds has been fired from his post at New York City’s Hot 97 radio station after making a controversial comment earlier this week, which prompted the Haitian community to boycott the station.

Cipha, who co-hosts the ‘The Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show’ morning show, outraged Haitian listeners after making the joke, "The reason I’m HIV negative is ’cause I don’t mess with Haitian girls."

Cipha quickly issued an on-air apology saying his joke was "tasteless" but that didn’t stop the station from receiving numerous complaints.

The station announced Wednesday that Cipha would be suspended indefinitely.

"Cipha made an immediate public apology and recognizes his insensitivity and the negative impact his comments have on all Haitians," explained Alex Cameron, SVP/Market Manager of Emmis-New York, the company which owns the station. "The Haitian community is an important part of our listenership whom we respect and value. The suspension is an indication of the importance we place on delivering a product that respects our Haitian audience."

Cipha will also receive "sensitivity training" that will focus on Haiti and the serious HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Another case of an insensitive joke that went way too far.



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