What? Fourth of July is Over?


We think of fireworks, barbecues, cocktails, and friends when the 4th of July rolls around. This summer has been all about those kinds of shared moments. But for us, we need no reason to celebrate! The kids are still enjoying sparklers on the beach and the party seems to be touring from house to house. 

This past holiday, I sat on the beach with friends and family at a party and wondered why it takes a special holiday to inspire a day to celebrate. This summer feels very different. I hope to bottle the feelings I am experiencing this month and enjoy them all year long.

I can’t think of anything better than kids raging on the beach, swimming, enjoying each other’s company, with no bedtime and no homework.

We have been party hopping for weeks, making new friends in The "Bu" (Malibu) and hanging with old ones too. We are ringing out the gorgeous late sunlit hours, sleeping in, and catching up. It’s crazy how much peace I feel knowing that my kids are happy and enjoying life.

Here is a pic of the view from my girlfriend’s beach house

In the beginning of summer with my 4 kids enrolled in different camps, I felt like an exhausted driver. But now we are in our groove and everyone is happy. I’ve also tried something different this summer by splitting up my kids and allowing them to choose what activities they prefer. That of course means more chaos for me to get them to different locations, but it is also allowing each of them to define their own interests and friends. It’s amazing how different my family dynamic is with 3 kids (while one is at a friend’s house) instead of the usual mayhem that comes with having all four in the house, in the car and at the table.

I am trying to spend quality time with each of my kids, and David too. Splitting them up and allowing them more freedom to enjoy their own time away from the house is making a huge difference.

It’s strange for me to be off for a while and not have to rush from place to place for work. It took me a while to settle into relaxation mode, but now I am looking forward to every day! Btw, I love working too, but summer is my favorite time of year.

Rain said to David and me during breakfast: "This feels kinda like a dream." We exchanged a look that meant, Yes, we feel it too and we are so lucky. After that, I hoped that she and all of my family could feel that happiness all the time. 



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