Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s Wife Stars in Foot Fetish Video


Deadspin has come across some foot-fetish videos posted on YouTube from the user "ihaveprettyfeet" that may feature New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s wife, Michelle.

The woman in the video looks like Michelle and the off-screen voice saying "You mind if I touch them?…Can I smell them?" sounds like Rex.

When asked about if he or his wife were involved in this video, Rex said simply that it was a personal matter. Well, he may have just confirmed the story right there.

This matter has been getting A LOT of media attention lately. And we think whatever kinky fetishes a consenting couple does in the privacy of their own home is up to them. But, that’s not exactly what they did, is it? They posted public YouTube videos about it, knowing they may be recognized. Can’t blame the public for being curious.

Anyway, foot fetishes seem pretty silly and harmless in our book. Imagine what else they could’ve filmed!



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