After Halloween Tricks


So Halloween is over but the sugar rush will continue. Are you the kind of parent who lets your kids eat as much candy as they want the day after and then take it away? Or do you let them have a piece a day for a week? Or?

Here are a few tips we’ve found useful:

1) Bake with the candy. This is extremely decadent, but why not go out with a bang – bake these amazing cookies and then ditch the rest of the candy.

2. Trade your kids’ candy with a healthier alternative. Trade out their peanut butter cups with Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups – these are delicious, but also organic and made with high-quality nut butters.

3. Use the ‘ol switch witch where you trade out candy for a toy or something special your child wants (but with a lot less sugar and calories).

4. Local dentists will often ‘buy’ your children’s candy. Look into this because kids love cash-ola!



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