Airbag Maker, Takata, Announcing Largest Auto Recall In History


Airbag maker, Takata, is almost doubling its already huge recall for faulty airbags, according to a government source. This will be the largest auto recall in history (the biggest recall on record was for 21 million cars in 1980 from Ford).

Takata already recalled 18 million vehicles and after the new recall that number will reach 34 million.

At least five deaths have been attributed to these airbags that reportedly explode and potentially send shrapnel into the face and body of the driver and also front seat passenger. According to police, the victims looked as though they were stabbed or shot and some suffered serious vision damage.

Most of the fatalities and recalled cars were made  by Honda.

We’ll update with the cars that are affected by this new recall when the information is released.



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