And So It All Began…Lessons From The Hood


When I became a mom my life changed. God opened my eyes to the meaning of true love. Through my child, I was able to see that I had been called to do great things. This beautiful child was giving me a chance to leave my mark, to possibly change the outcome of the future, I had a purpose, a title, I was a Mom! The first few moments of motherhood for me were exhausting, exciting, and oh so exhilarating! And then it happened….I changed his diaper…no one told me, I wasn’t prepared…there I sat unable to move for even the slightest shift of my seat sent unspeakable pains shooting throughout my body, but I was happy and as I leaned over my precious bundle of joy, with my mouth open in a wide smile, undoing his diaper….I. was. peed. on. As the steady stream of warm pee sprayed all over me, I began to spat and swat at it, and I swear to you, through squinted eyes I saw a glimpse of a smile on his face.

I think, like a lot of moms, after a few short weeks, the pain subsided, I finally showered, I ventured out into public once again, and I forgot all about the pain. Of course by then I was ready for another one, epidural that is. Just kidding, in all my crazy glory I was ready to birth another child, yep another erratic squirt, no pun intended! Or maybe I would have my opportunity to buy lace and pearls!

Fast forward eight years…still no girl…and our fourth baby was about to happen! When we announced our fourth pregnancy the elders of the church started gathering in the streets, taking in money and writing down bets. What?! With three boys already some thought it was a sure fire win, they were bettin’ girl, while others thought naah, the odds are too high, we’re going with a boy! When the time had finally arrived for us to find out the gender of baby #4 we were a bundle of nerves. We were so excited for the possibility of finally getting to post on Facebook, IT’S A GIRL!!!!!

Because isn’t that what it’s all about anymore, how shocking your status is on Facebook? We had calls, texts, and people were posting on our wall “Let me know as soon as you know!”, people were invested in this, I mean literally, they had actual money riding on the gender of our baby! You know, people love a good laugh and when everyone read our Facebook status that said “it’s another boy” we became the butt of a lot of jokes town wide! My spirit felt slightly deflated. Let’s be honest here mom’s, this was my FOURTH boy! I had the right to be just a little disappointed, even if it only lasted a minute. I have to say though, when God closes one door, he always opens a bigger one!

Sixteen months after our fourth son was born we gave our small little community yet another reason to talk. We were given a little girl! Our sweet beautiful daughter made her appearance into our lives only one and a half days after we found out about the possibility to adopt her. We were frazzled as it was raising four small boys, we weren’t actually looking for an adoption, but God was! I believe this is why I hadn’t had my daughter yet, God knew that this little one was going to need a loving home, and we were just the family to give her that! Can you imagine how shocked our family and friends were when we called them the morning she was to arrive to say “Guess what! We’re getting another baby…today, and IT’S A GIRL!” I’m sure by now you’re thinking, they must be trying for a t.v. show or how many more kids can they handle? One more….we can handle one more! Our daughter was two and a half months old when our adoption was finalized. She was two months old when we found out that I was pregnant once again…

“This one is for sure a girl” they said. “No doubt about it” they said. “I can just feel it”  they said. “IT’s A BOY” the ultrasound tech said. Yep, welcome baby boy #5, and so it all began… again…. Welcome to the hood – motherhood that is.

Lessons from the hood~

1. Always keep a shield between you and baby when you are changing his diaper.

2. Remember God has a sense of humor too. Hence baby boy #5!

3. Breast feeding is not a reliable source of birth control.



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