5 Solutions to De-Stress the After School Schedule


In a recent KidsHealth survey, almost 90 percent of students said they felt stressed day in and day out. And so often, when kids are stressed, their parents are as well. Just as much pressure can be felt after the school bell rings as during school hours. If your after-school schedule feels more hurried, stressful, and complicated than you would prefer, try the following the solutions to make life a little simpler for you and your child: Reassess the After-School Schedule

Does Your Child Have Trouble With Tests? Help Them Study Smarter!


In classrooms across America, teachers strive to provide engaging lessons and meaningful homework, but more often than not, our students are not learning how to learn. Kids walk out of their classrooms armed with study guides, notes, and chapters to read, but they dont know how to put that information into storage for retrieval tomorrow, next week, or three months from now. Here are four easy ways to help your child study smarter: