Benefits of Stretching


Someone made a very insightful comment to me recently. When I told this person (who is not a fitness pro) that when I added 15 min of hip stretches to my usual evening stretch routine my knee ache went away within a few days. Her comment was wow, youre finally not stretching for no reason.

The Skinny on Real Weight Loss: The Calorie Game


Real weight loss is a simple numbers game. Truly, it is calories in vs. calories out per day. To see results, you need to have between 200-500 more calories going out than coming in. Understanding what exactly makes up the calories in and the calories out is key to your success. Calories In consists of every single calorie ingested in your day. Including all liquids.

Your New Diet: Eat a Double Lunch


How does the idea of two lunches in the middle of the day instead of a lunch and a snack sound? The purpose behind the double lunch is to think of making 2 well rounded and satisfying meals in the middle of the day instead of one large meal, then a “snack” (which usually leaves you unsatisfied) before you hit dinner.

5 Minute Holiday Fitness Fixes!


Most of us are starting to get a little frantic by now. I know I am! Here are some 5 minute fitness tips that will really make a difference in your mind and body. Sprinkle some of these into your days in the next few weeks and you will feel the difference. 1.) Double Flight of Stairs