7 Ways To Work Out While You’re Waiting At The Airport


The holiday season is upon us and besides all of the food temptations that we are presented with, there is also the issue of all the time spent sitting. My advice? Make the most out of every moment while traveling.It will help youburn the calories you need to say “yes” to that extra piece of pie and have the energy you need to keep up with your little ones after all they’ve had their fill of dessert!

Tone, Tighten and Firm Up Your Tush!


Want to tighten that toosh? Working with my clients I hear on a regular basis moms asking to tighten, firm and lift their tooshies. So to help you get the best possible backside, I am sharing some of my favorite moves. Enjoy! The glute bridge 30 reps with both feet on the floor and then 15 each side with single leg raises.

Skip The Sugar: Sweet Snack Alternatives For Kids


Of course, kids love their sugary snacks, but there are tons of other options available to satisfy their cravings for flavorful food that dont have to involve the unhealthy refined white stuff.Here are a few of our favorites:HummusIf youre under the impression that hummus is boring, think again! These days you can find hummus in all kinds of flavors. We love roasted red pepper hummus and sundried tomato hummus. If …

Iron Rich Foods for Pregnant Women


Having low iron levels can lead to anemia – which is especially important to be aware of during conception and pregnancy. When you are pregnant, the baby will drain your iron supplies, leaving the baby happy in your tummy, but leaving you lightheaded and sluggish.

Making Exercise a Priority


Working out is ALWAYS a priority for me. I usually put on my workout clothes first thing in the morning to make sure I get some exercise in. Some days I know exactly what I’ll be doing, spin class, home workout, jog in the park. Other days I don’t know when or how I am going to fit in physical activity but I make it my mission.

Can Saving Money be Good for Your Health?


Saving money can be good for your health!? Four weeks ago my husband and I decided that we would go cold turkey, no credit cards!! while this may seem crazy to some it was an intervention that we needed ;) So, what this meant was only spending on what we really needed, gas, food, house etc. Therefore my love for Starbucks grande double pump skinny vanilla latte would have to RIP!!

Get Active: Raising Kids that Love to Move!


Raising active kids is a lifestyle, not a routine. As I work with my clients on a daily basis, many of the parents are concerned not only with their own health but the health of their children as well. I am reminded how VERY important it is to lead by example for your children.

Remember to Stay Active!

  As my kids start to get older and have more activities that they are involved in it has translated into more time in the car, which means less ‘activity’ time for mama.  My oldest daughter (7) has recently joined team for gymnastics, a 12hr a week commitment and a 40 min commute each direction […]

Be Prepared to Get Active!

If you’re always ready you never have an excuse. As a busy mom with 3 little kids my life is ‘crazy’ to say the least. Like many moms I don’t have the time to get to the gym everyday but I do make it a priority to MOVE MY BUTT every single day and it usually includes the kids.