What to Pack for a Planned C-Section


Once upon a time, I was a Labor and Delivery Room (L&D) nurse at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. It was probably one of my most favorite places to work because I truly loved supporting moms (and dads or other significant family members) through their birth experience and felt that each baby born wa

Talking to Your Daughter About Periods and Puberty


If you ask a young woman whether her mother spoke with her about puberty and preparation for starting her period, she might say, No, I learned from my friends. More then likely, when you ask her mom if she had the talk with her daughter, she will say Yes. Often, the reason is that unless there was something momentous about the occasion; it may not have been memorable enough for the daughter to recall.

What is it About Breasts?


The Oscars illustrious “boob song” didnt really affect me, but I did think it seemed rather juvenile, until I saw a click through to the best celebrity breasts. I started thinking about what the BEST breasts meant, beyond who has them and what shape they are in.

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Periods


I am a blogger who is also one of the health experts on beinggirl.com, so I answer questions from hundreds of girls who write to us every month. It has been an eye opening experience that has helped me understand the concerns that many teen girls have today. One of the things that I have learned from the questions asked, is that teens would rather ask a stranger a personal question about their life or health than their mother. What can be done to make the dialogue more open between teens and their mothers?