Brooke Burke – Partnering Up With Chaos


During my fourth move in the past 3 years, I decided to partner up with chaos and change my point of view. Not to my surprise, the stress of moving falls second to divorce and trumps death. Crazy, but I totally get it.  One of my saving graces in life during tough times is to […]

Brooke Burke’s Holiday Skinny Spirit


This is my new favorite holiday drink – it’s gorgeous and doesn’t pack on the calories. The best part is it’s delicious with or without the alcohol! Holiday Skinny Spirit 3 parts Perrier (or Tonic water) 1 part pomegranate juice handful of pomegranates fresh mint shot of tequila (optional) Mix ingredients and serve over ice. […]

Brooke Burke’s Fall Farro Salad Recipe


This is my new favorite salad – it’s hearty, sweet and crunchy. Ingredients 1 cup chopped pitted dates 2 cups farro, cooked (see package instructions) 1 cup marcona almonds 1 apple cut into 1/2 chunks 5 cups of crunchy mixed greens Handful of loosely chopped parsley Cooked chicken chunks (optional) Mama Charvet’s Dressing 1/4 cup […]

Remembering September 11th – That Fateful Day


Today is a heavy day for many. I’m getting ready to head to Pepperdine University to visit the 9/11 Memorial and pray. I will never forget my close call that day. My children ask many questions, and my oldest knows how lucky we were to secure seats at on the first AA flight out of JFK. There are no ordinary moments. Here is my family’s story…

Brooke’s School Lunch List


One thing I like to do is include sweet notes in my little one’s lunch box. You can download our free printable lunchbox notes (shown on the right) – they’re super cute and so much fun!) Here’s my healthy school lunch list: Fruit Bananas Tangerines Grapes Strawberries Sliced mangos Sliced apples with peanut butter Snacks