Brooke’s School Lunch List


One thing I like to do is include sweet notes in my little one’s lunch box. You can download our free printable lunchbox notes (shown on the right) – they’re super cute and so much fun!) Here’s my healthy school lunch list: Fruit Bananas Tangerines Grapes Strawberries Sliced mangos Sliced apples with peanut butter Snacks

Brooke Burke: My Slim Down Secrets


Daytime television feels more like Fitness 101 this month. Everywhere I look, I hear about a new fitness fad, a quick fix or some kind of “get in shape fast” scheme – which is something I’ve never believed in.January is the time when everybody wants to get back in shape (or get in shape for the first time). Oh, leave it to those good old New Year’s Resolutions.I’ve never quite understood …

Brooke Burke: 40 Rules To Live By


1. RSVPing is NOT optional.2. Thank you notes go a long way.3. Hostess gifts are a must.4. You must be a good friend to have one.5. Honesty will set you free.6. Chocolate, pizza and PMS are better than a Three Musketeer7. Smoke, stress and alcohol will age you.8. Exercise is the best medicine.9. Happiness looks great at every age.10. Water is your friend. 11. Read the …

Brooke Burke’s 10 Fitness Tips


1. BE stronger than your excuses. 2. Make a commitment to a partner, friends keep you honest! 3. Buy a package of classes – purchased workouts are harder to blow off. 4. Schedule your workout week every Sunday. Set yourself up for success. 5. Create a vision board of inspiration. Tape pics of ispiring images […]