Valentine’s Day Gifts for Daddy


Each February 14th, children across the country present their father’s with Valentine’s Day gifts to let them know how much they are loved. Helping your child choose the right Valentine’s Day gift for dad is an important task. When choosing a gift, taking your child’s age and her father’s interests into consideration can help ensure you select the right gift.

Kids Crafts for New Year’s


Help your child ring in the New Year by creating a New Year’s-themed craft. Creating handmade New Year’s crafts provide an opportunity for your child to learn about the holiday and have a hands-on part in the festivities. Since many New Year’s crafts can double as holiday decorations or party favors, plan to make your crafts a few days before your New Year’s celebration.

Christmas Eve Crafts for Kids


On Christmas Eve, if your children are off the wall with anticipation knowing that Santa is on his way, help them focus their energy by making a Christmas Eve craft. Doing a craft will provide your children with a creative outlet that will help ease their excitement, as well as provide you with an opportunity to create last-minute Christmas decorations or gifts.

Preschool Turkey Thanksgiving Art Projects


Although we don’t really know for sure whether turkey was served at the Pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving, the birds have become an important part of the modern Thanksgiving tradition. This year, add a decorative touch to your home and your holiday celebration with these fun and festive art projects that are perfect for preschoolers. Handprint Turkey In this classic craft, use cutouts of your preschoolers’ hands and feet to make a Thanksgiving turkey.

Prepare Your Dog for your Newborn’s Arrival


Bringing home your new baby introduces many changes to your household. If you’ll soon be bringing home your first child and you’re wondering how the dog will react, good. Now is the time to get your pup used to the idea that changes are brewing. Just like people, your dog has a routine, familiarity, and comfort level within your home. Helping to prepare your dog for the upcoming changes will facilitate a smooth transition. Here are some steps to get the pup ready for a new little brother or sister: Step 1

Preschool Father’s Day Art Ideas


Preschoolers are full of creative energy. Father’s Day provides an opportunity for them to harness their energy and create a handmade gift for their dad. With a little guidance and a few simple supplies, your preschooler can create an expression of love to give to his dad on Father’s Day.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids


Do you get stressed out every October, trying to come up with the perfect Halloween costume for your little darling? Fear not! It doesn’t have to be a daunting task.In fact there are tons of creative costumes that can be created in minutes using things you might already have laying around the house. So if you’re a busy mom on a budget, here are four quick and easy Halloween costume ideas:

How Children Benefit From Play Activities


When you’re little, play is one of those perfect things – a renewable resource of fun times, cut short only by sunlight and school. Just imagine if broccoli tasted good and chores were fun, and your daily chore was to eat broccoli.Just ask anyone, “Do you wish you had played less when you were a kid?” I think we all know the answer to that.

Family Friendly Games


If you’re looking for a family activity this Memorial Day that will stimulate conversation, foster a spirit of cooperation, and teach family members how to win and lose gracefully, play a game together. Family-friendly games can promote a sense of unity and togetherness in a family. When choosing games to play, look for ones that are designed to be played by groups of people, have simple rules and are appropriate for all ages and skill levels.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts


If you are looking for something other than chocolate or flowers to give to those you love this Valentine’s Day, you are in luck. Whether you are shopping for your spouse, a significant other or your children, you will be able to find something that most everyone will love. When choosing your Valentine’s Day gifts, keeping your recipients’ interests in mind can help you to choose the perfect gift.