Ode to the Single Parents


Its quite common to hear someone say Im a single parent this week when their husband/wife/partner is out of town due to work obligations. I certainly know that experience; Daddy-o is away on average four days a week. Its no easy feat for a mama of six and it certainly takes its toll – but however tricky, you wont catch me referring to myself as a single parent.

Six Reasons to Have Six Kids


When people hear that I have six kids, the reaction is usually entertaining. Sure, there are some days when I wonder what Ive gotten myself into, worry about the world theyll inherit, and/or consider the environmental footprint of a family like mine. But most of the time I just celebrate how awesome it is to have six kids. Here are a few reasons why:

Traveling Mysteries and Annoyances


Lately I’ve been traveling alone for some work functions and conferences. Not having to wrangle kids has given me the opportunity to notice some of the other things going on in the travel world. In short, it has opened my eyes to some very annoying things going on at airports everywhere. 1) When I travel […]

The Sleeping Patterns of Latter Born Children


We all remember bringing home that first baby and making sure the entire house and anyone in it was perfectly silent as the baby slept. We put notes on the front door telling people not to knock, we turned phone ringers off and then spoke in hushed tones, if we even spoke at all. When […]

Life Lessons From A Week On Crutches


So I managed to do my ankle in, which landed me in an Aircast and crutches. I know what youre thinking and for the record, I was not walking and texting. In fact, I was attempting to walk and talk at the VERY same time and managed to go over on my ankle. Its a good thing I wasnt chewing gum or I may have ended up in a full body cast.

4 Sexist Things From My Childhood That Bothered Me


I was thinking about my childhood and the sexist things that I noticed and bothered me as a young girl. TV So, Alyssa Milano was in a TV show called “Who’s the Boss?”  In this show, a business executive and single mother, Angela, hires a housekeeper named Tony. He and his daughter (played by Alyssa […]

5 Lessons Learned From My 100 Yr Old Grandma


There’s no question, I’m pretty lucky to still have a grandma. This particular Grandma is pretty special for a few reasons. She was one of 21 children born in Ireland to her entrepreneurial parents. Grandma went on to have many children herself – she had babies in the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. She often […]

5 Teenage Rules – Who Knew?


We recently went on a family ski trip that involved very little skiing. Mother Nature has not been well behaved, so we had no snow and conditions were not even cold enough for the snow-making machines to do their thing. So, we spent our ski trip doing a lot of alternative activities – bowling, walking, […]